Who can do fakie sex change?

So, who can do fakie sex change? (sex change fakieflip).
I landed some of them today, and I’m just wondering…
I’ve only seen Luke do them, and I’ve heard from Spencer that Jeff can do them too…

And you don’t expect me to? lol. I think it’s just them and us. They’re not too hard, so I expect a lot more people to learn them shortly.

-Shaun Johanneson

I never knew you could ride backwards! :astonished:

Yeah, I (Jeff Liechti) landed my first one about a week and a half ago (Feb 2nd or 3rd). I talked to Shaun the day after I got it and he said that him and Luke already got them the week before (Luke first and then Shaun). So I was 3rd.

So I guess the list right now is:

  1. Luke Collalto (sp?)
  2. Shaun J.
  3. Jeff Liechti
  4. Fredrik Justnes

I’m trying to talk to Luke about changing the name of any sexchange with the cranks spinning backwards. Since I like just “sex change”. You know what’s going on, no “flip” needed inthat word. I dont like “sex change backflip” or “sex change fakieflip” I’ld like to call the sex cahnge with a backcrankflip something else. But since he invented the sex change fakieflip it’s up to him. I think I did the sex change backflip (done on the same day I learned sex fakie) first, so I want to rename that something better. Any support for this. I want to keep the names structured, so sex change backflip, and sexchange fakieflip will have the same name (except for the fakie part), so I won’t change one without the other.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. My flip vid will be out shortly, and it will have all the names on that. I got rid of the game idea, I just want to label them again for more help in the future for names.

Shaun, Im cool with any name changes. Any ideas?

Awesome good to hear. Nope not one idea. haha. We’ll brainstorm here shortly. I want a name that the flip isn’t mentioned again, that’s about it though.

-Shaun Johanneson

fakie sexchange.