Who can do 450 unispins?

So, who can do 450 unispins? I’ve only seen Shaun J, Tomsey and myself doing them.
(I suppose Dan Heaton can do them too, cause I’ve seen him doing a 630)…

jamie mossgern can do them. his name on here is like unicycle168… dont rember the rest

there’s a guy in U2 who does 630…

I haven’t try them or maby i have ,atleast I don’t rember it.
I try one for you tomorrow :wink:

Dan heaton

Hey, I can’t do 450 from pedals to tire, but i can do 450s starting from hopping on tire and then landing on the pedals. Although I probably could get pedal to tire 450s with a bit of practice.

Yay I can. Gettign fairly consistant with em now. Probally land 7/10.Mind you this past 3 or so that’s like all I’ve been doing. Only had a few bad wrecks… :roll_eyes: :o .

Good work. You should make a video. I really want to see your trey fakieflip.

Yeh you should make a video! From what you keep telling us you seem to be the best rider on here. Whenever a thread comes up about a trick you’re “always close” or “landed a couple of times”. Lets see some evidence!

I’ve been wanting a camera for christmas. We’ll see tomorrow;)

Yeah? Did you get any camera?

No, i mean another guy

Done that, you probably could do to.

Dan and MYslef are the only ones i’veseen to do 630s, i’ve seen plentybusting 450. Hard to say. A good hand full.

-Shaun Johanneson