who can combo?

who can do flip/spin combos such as sexchange, hickflip, treyflip, etc.?

I can.


what can you do? (besides hickflip)

Flip, hickflip, 180 flip, varial flip, and fakie flip and sex change.


Are we talking about skateboarding?

If so, what’s a hickflip? Do you mean kickflip?

And I can do a 360 flip, but that’s about it (other than like, kickflips and heelflips)

i can do donkey kicks, 180 flips, and hickflips.

EDIT: oh ya i can do blind 180 flips and switchhand flips buts not really a combo of flip and spin, just using your other hand.

no, uniing

hickflip:180 unispin+crankflip(named after juggle up there for landing one dsown 4 stair)

how hard are d-kicks?

donkey kick=stand on tire/frame then kick the tire so it spins 360 then land

trey/three/triple flip=?360 unispin?+crankflip?

Trey flip- 360 unispin crankflip…Triple flip is a triple crankflip.


you have the donkey kick right. they arent too hard to learn, probably easier then learning regular crankflips. the hardest part is landing on the pedals and not on the uni and figuring out how hard to kick vs. how high to jump. wear shin gaurds/661s.

trey flip: 360 unispin crankflip
triple flip: triple crankflip (cranks spin 3 rotations)
360 flip: 360 hoptwist with crankflip

EDIT: kelly beat me to it… 2 posts in the same minute.

This is a good thread! I love it, people are all learning combo flip tricks. Insane. YES!

-Shaun Johanneson

isnt a sexchange just your body switching position from front to back…or am i doing it wrong?

Its a body varial crankflip.


yeah but no one does them in videos except for people like you shaun and tomsey.


A lot of people are out there not that can flip and combo flip tricks. I’m saying a good 15 or so can combo flip tricks, and about 50 can flip. Give or take, lol, not sure. Flipping is the future of street, that and fakie stuff, down sets and in runs with sets. Along with rails and tech grinds. I can see street going this way, in fact my next vid is all like that. Trying to define street in my mind, pure street at least. But yeah. It’s good stuff.

-Shaun Johanneson

Preach on brother!!!