Who Can Coker Glide?

i am almost at that stage, being able to ww and transfer back fairly well, and have had ~some~ sucess with gliding it down a hill. i should be good at it with a day or two of solid practice. can anyone else do this? i was going to get good at it and put it in a movie soon, but i feel like posting about it, and it will still be cool when i make a movie with that in it.

I’ll try it tomorrow in North Bend if I can get at one for a while. It seems to me, that the hardest part about Coker gliding would be the angled crown and resulting lack of support. Where do you rest the non-gliding foot?

I tried it yesterday. It is hard to control though when your legs are above the seat and you are just on your butt. It is also hard to get the foot you are not using into a good spot thats out of the way.

Ok whats the point in gliding on a coker. I glide to go fast, cokers already go fast…

EDIT: JSM that pic with hand riding(your avatar) looks way too painful, I thought people rode with there stomach on the seat for hand riding…

I think the hardest thing about coker gliding is that the seat is so close to the wheel, so your legs would have to be really bent up.
you could try stand up gliding I suppose. wait, no, that’s suicide, nevermind.

I only had a few minutes on the Coker, but I couldn’t glide it. I could wheel walk it a little ways, though.

When I decided I wanted to learn handride, I experimented with different ways of doing it. If you have your stomach on the seat, you can’t reach the pedals. If you try to sit normally, it hurts too much. I actually turn the seat around so the unicycle is backward, and rest my abdomen on the seat. It’s not really painful.

my non gliding foot seems like it stays in mid air, but it stands a good chance that it is resting on the zip tie for my cyclometer.
cody the point is not to go fast, but to try something hard. plus, im faster than you anyway. race me, ill eat you like seconds. lol it would be cool to race.

I have had pull glides on a Coker. It is easiest if you glide further down the wheel than you normally do, it gives you more ability to hold the saddle.


Im sure you would, I dont try to be fast on a uni. I haul a** glidin down some narly hills, and I only learned to glide to go fast down hills…