Who asked for a Muni Militia Patch?

Someone asked for a Muni Militia Patch instead of a shirt. I seem to have lost your email and I cant remember who asked for it.

I would like to try and work something out with you if possible.


It wasn’t me who asked for a patch, but if you have any, i’d love to have one as well as my shirt, how much would you like for the patch?


me to!

I asked for the patch along time ago bit i dont if its me your talking about .But i would rather have a shirt now how mych are they exactly?

Re: Who asked for a Muni Militia Patch?

Hey Nutz,

That was me. Whaddya wanna work out?

richard at veganerotica dot com

sorry unibrow I didnt print any extra shirts so you dont get one.

nerdlinger I have 4 test prints that I am willing to part with, you asked for one fist so I’m gonna make sure you get one, I have both blue and black with white, email me with your address agian and I’ll hook you up



i think it was jagur maybe

Hey Mike i also aked for a patch so throw an extra or two in and ill toss in an extra $5.oo in that envelope.