who are these people?

this should probably be in jc, but here goes nothin…

my names justin kohse, im 19 years old and ive been unicycling(seriously) for about 4-5 years now. The reason i picked up unicycling is because it was something new and fresh. I felt that this awesome new sport opened up a whole new door for me…
the one thing that i truly loved about uni’ing was the awesome community that came along with it. But ever since i was featured in “defect” i feel ive been nothing but hated upon. Is it because your jealous? or just looking for someone to vent on because you suck ass?
Im not really mad at the community but really just the people who have something to say about me and my riding. For one ill be interested in what you have to say about me, considering you probably dont know me or have met me in the past 3 or 4 years.

If someone has something to say, then say it. Dont hide behind your fucking phoney account because your afraid of being flagged. Come out you little pussies and show me what your made of.

im so down for some call out videos.


p.s. im almost finished with this sport, its turning into something im trying to avoid.

so you are letting a few people run your live. they are being part of a sport that you like and so you are stopping doing the sport to not be associated with them? makes no sense to me… if you don’t like them than don’t go on to unicyclist. that simple.
if they are jelous or they suck which they probably do. let them. do what you want and don’t let losers like them “make decisions in your life”

“those who care don’t matter and those who matter don’t care”

it would be a shame to let good skill to go to waste

yeah i knew someone would say that…

Hey man, I dont hate you or have anything against you at all.

Screw the people who say crap about you. I have seen the flame wars that have gone on in here with you involved and seen a lot of people say that your part in Defect wasnt to par with the other riders, but dont believe it.

Defect is an old movie now, compared to how much unicycling has grown. What was recorded of you back then, was amazing on a 24" and impressive (I really liked watching the profile break and just fly through the air, that just owns lol)

People are just comparing your riding from Defect to what is being done now. Get some new stuff out and show them up. No one here wants to see you leave.

yet do you think i am right?
jerrick is right though. most of you riding that is out here today is fairly old. put something new out and show up the people who insult you.

torkerdx i think your being a bit harsh. Its true that Justin seems to have been bashed for no reason.

I too thought the profile crank flying through the air was awesome, with that funny sound :D:D

I don’t know what you expect from this thread though justin. I do hope you don’t just give up unicycling though. ANd maybe a new video would help things out.

Who on Earth is Justin Kohse?

JKohse posted the following drivel:
“If someone has something to say, then say it. Dont hide behind your fucking phoney account because your afraid of being flagged. Come out you little pussies and show me what your made of.”

Did you say 19? I thought maybe an immature 9 year-old.

As a recent returnee to this forum, I had hoped for some rather more intelligent conversation. What is the status of swearing in the forum these days? Those who know me know that I have no problem with bad language (mine is always worse), but there is a problem of context - a time and a place.

Whatever slight you have perceived against you - I neither know nor care - do you think you could articulate it in language your grandmother would approve of?


Good call Alan.

Justin, I’ll ask you to please tone the language down a notch.
We are trying to keep this forum as family-friendly as possible.

The Price of Fame!


You are now learning the price of fame. Just think about how many American presidents were shot at and even killed! My own countrie’s (Israel) Prime Minister was assasinated a little over 10 years ago. So as long as no one takes a shot at you consider your self lucky!


Exactly who are you talking about here?
Throw a few names out.
Then see if they have the nerve to reply.

I think one of the problems is he doesn’t know (or at least isn’t 100% sure) on who they are.

For example:

I doubt “Neil” really is “Neil” considering “Neil” hasn’t been online since 1 minute after he posted that, his only post.

I haven’t seen any more like this, but I think there would’ve been more for Justin to make a thread about it.

Anyway, making fake accounts is just kind of lame for attacking people. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, then grow a set and say it. Don’t hide behind an alias

-Keven Mckay

Grow up. Stand on your own. Take you petty fighting and bad language to IM’s or PM’s.

Yeah Shaun.

I don’t see why you keep making fake accounts, don’t enough people already hate you?

And this isn’t just because I don’t like you Shaun, I’m sure I’m not the only person who realizes that it’s you making all those fake accounts. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were that George W character a while ago.

And can people actually do some reading up on this before they start flaming me for this? If you can put the pieces together you’ll probably come to the same conclusion I did.


You don’t need an excuse to make videos.

Justin, man… I really felt bad reading your post. Sure, there are people who don’t like you, but so what? There are always people that don’t like you, no matter who you are or what you do, it’s a fact of life(well, unless you’re living in a undeground bunker and nobody knows about you).

Check out this thread. Read the first two posts. You’ve been one of my favourite riders seen I saw the Justin Goof vid. Then the Techno one. I’ve still got them on my computer and watch them every now and then. You’re my inspiration for what can be done on a 24". I even added your old account(cruisecontrol) as a buddy.

You said you’re up for a call-out vid? Great! Because I really want to see some more videos from you. Personally, I’d prefer a normal video rather than a call-out, but anything is good. And if you don’t make one, I’m gonna have to call you out myself, hehe.

And keep on unicycling, please!

-Ivan Nicolaev

ok i havent seen defect. just curious, why do some people not like you?

whats the problem even if you werent up to standard with the others? (again i dont know, havent seen it)

Either way, im pretty shit, and i might be jealous (your definately better than me), but i dont know what it would take to make someone flame u for that…

that prolly didnt make sense.

Surely the final decision was the filmmaker’s and if someone has a problem with a certain piece added to a movie they should take that up with the filmmaker and not the actor/participant?

first of all i apologize for the swearing, i would pm or im these guys if i knew who they were. But i doubt they’ll ever check out there fake accounts again till they have something nasty to say.

this is turning into a whiny thread and i apologize for that also. Its just tough when your being targeted a lot of the time. Ive received a lot of hate pms too…

and just to let you guys know, evolution is finished and torker is in the final stages of doing up the dvds. some how 203 people have viewed it, lol.



p.s. im giving up on 24" street riding, and jumping back to 20.But im sticking with 24 street muni…

What are the challenges that caused you to pack in the 24 for street?

Well, you are still my favorite rider. The vids of you on the 24" like it was a 20" will always impress me.

I have stopped riding much myself, and put all of my time in a new (and hopefully permanent) hobby.

Whatever you go on to do . . . I’m sure you will do will.

If you could, please put your skillz on ebay. I’d like to buy some of them even though I don’t ride much anymore.