Who are the 'Masters of unicycling' then?

Every sport has their masters.

Who would I search for on youtube to see some ‘ninja like skill’ on one wheel?

Krish Holm
Ryan Atkins
Zack Baldwin
Luke Collalto(spl?)
Kevin McMullin
Dan Heaton
Shaun Johanneson

Cool, thanks man.

A different type of ninja skill. Probably if you search unicycle freestyle, you’ll get more of this.


Oh yeah. Another ninja - Xavier Collos.

lol dont forget Yoggi, hehe :slight_smile:

alot of the Koxx team members + KH Team are all mad riders!

i dunno, i have alwayse looked up to bryan stevens but he does bc wheeling,.

hahaha I searched most of those guys and found this under Luke Collato, its from when me and Owen went to melourne last year:D

I hope Luke doesnt stab me for this

Carol McLean.

So far, this seems to be mostly a listing of Trials, Street and MUni masters. What about the other areas of unicycling, like the ones that existed before those relatively new forms?

Simple… He-Man!



id say if you could only have one master per disipline
Ryan atkins-trials
Kris holm-muni
Shaun johanneson-fliptricks street
dan heaton- flatland
Bryan stevens-bc
Kaori ?matasuzawa?- freestyle

what about distance?

ken looi

Freestyle - Ryan Woessner, Julien Monney

yeah i say there is alot of good ones but my personal favorite is Kris Holms:)

But yet you can’t even spell his last name right… :frowning:

Owned :wink:

Peter M

it was a typo…

uh huh

everyone already said(minus IVAN … lol JK)
stephen skrobarczyk
ken Loi(he was said but i think you spell his name like that)
joe hodges(maybe I just missed him)
keaton miller is good
there are a few good people I can think of I just don’t know their names
i know they havn’t been said