Who all went to MOAB?

Hey who all went to the moab muni fest this year i was just wondering?

wow i never thought of that . . . . .id like to see people on here so i can talk to em and know there forums name.

i did

your friends with cody right?

I was there…yo.

I went!

Hey, I didnt see catboy or terrybigwheel there, to name a few…

catboy had to bail for some reason or another, sadly…

speaking of… i haven’t seen him on lately…

Is there a group picture of everybody somewhere?


There has to be… on Saturday before we all headed out on the Porcupine Rim trail, there was a big group photo and there were a lot of cameras. So someone will have to post a pic of that.

heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy, who are you?:wink:

Everything I filmed on Saturday’s ride has to be muted now…

Oh, I was there too.

I was there and it was a good ol time!

i was there!

i was there it so awsome! wasup ben

Bummer I had to work and couldn’t get out of it no how. It was distressing to see pics of all my Muni pals having so much fun. Next year . . .


I wuz thur

yea dude that kc guy was good he did that sick uni spin over the frame thing . . . . and trialsfreak its andrew lol.

Hey does anyone know who that dude was running around with the camera on friday filming for some channel?

Thanks, I think its called a seat whip, not sure though.

Ya, he lives near me.
His name is Brian. He posts here as Briguymaine

Oh yeah, I didn’t remember seeing Unicycle6896 or brockfisher05 either…