Whites Creek Muni Video

I put together a video of the riding I did Friday, and what I’ll be doing tomorrow. It isn’t terribly exciting, and there isn’t any EXTREME riding, just me cruising the easier sections. However, these are shots of me cruising along in the gorgeous Galena forrest, with the awesome surrounding view.

This trail is kick… butt. It’s got more steep rocky downhill, obstacles and playthings that I could ever want. Northstar? Pfft… Not even close. :slight_smile:

I’m planning on heading up early tomorrow and spending a day up there, with my father, who is now purchasing his first mountain bike and planning on coming along with me to ride. Who knows? He may even be riding along at this years CMW!

Whites Creek Muni(20mb)

Whites Creek Muni(5mb)

I added some pictures and video of today’s ride.


looks fun, thats an awsome lookin trail

Awesome, looks like a blast! I enjoyed watching it.

You got a hair cut.

do you ever play chicken with mountain bikers like you own it forcing them to stand aside while you ride by with complete trail supremacy?

No, I have good trail etiquette. Often times if we’re going in the same direction I’ll just ride along with them, because we’ll be travelling at the same speed. However, as soon as we hit downhill, I step aside and let them ride ahead. And whenever they are heading towards me, I also get off and step aside.

It’s just good manners. As unicycle riders, we should all consider ourselves guests when riding on a trail, and treat it as a priveledge.

Yeah, I did, a few months ago. It was getting hot, and i was sick of having a wet mop on my head whenever I began to sweat, so I chopped most of it off, and have been happy ever since.