Whitefaceperiod video

This weekend my friend Jerred and I went into the hills next to my house and made a little video. hope you guys like it

THANK YOU ! you dint ask to comment your video !

but seriuosly… I liked some of the riding pretty tight… just the music… what is that !?

you’re back!
now I’ll watch your movie.

thats a pretty sweet movie. I like the German death metal…what singer is that? its awesome. sweet riding too, but you should wear helmets (:

nice riding, i wish i had a place like that to ride at that was close to my house, but sadly all i got is a church, and some store, but its still fun =p

good choice of music too, i never heard that song before, what album is it off?

ya we started out with helmets on, but we ended up chucking them at the german band that was following us around the hill. it was a band called rammstein.

edit: the album is reise,reise

yeah, I figured it out when I saw the credits q-: thanks though, they’re really awesome.

the clip of me riding down the stairs and hitting my face on the door was at a church. really fun place to ride.