Whiteface Foliage Uphill Race 9/16/07

Anyone in the Northeast US, think about this one, it should be gorgeous!

Sept 16, 2007 there’s a fall foliage version of the race up Whiteface Mtn Veteran’s Memorial Highway, in the beautiful Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. 8 miles, 3550 vertical feet of climbing. Yummy.

I’ve officially signed up, as of today, and there’s always room for more unicycles. They love us up there, and as they say, “it’s eight miles, but there’s only one hill!”

Here’s the bikereg link to register.

Good luck this year, Steve!

Thanks, Dave. Your advice re: BA2.0 tire and long cranks has helped me as much as anyone’s, except maybe aspenmike’s mantra of “pain is a good thing”.

You know I did Whiteface this year in June, right? See my writeups from my sig line if you missed it and are interested.

I’m in.

Knowing that such a ride may not possible for my physical self, it’s good to see that all the mental work and research are useful! You are very welcome. :slight_smile: I met Mike in New Hampshire, and he’s awesome, and awesomely friendly.

Now I’ve read it. Amazing rides by all of you! Hill climbs shudder … pain … shake

Sorry, but real life has been getting in the way of the good stuff these days - time to correct that situation!

Alright, I’m bumping this once more.

This should be a beautiful ride up Whiteface mountain, with spectacular fall foliage to keep your mind off the pain in your thighs, your maxxed-out heart-rate and heaving lungs.

Seriously, nowhere are there better fall colors than the Adirondack mountains and there will be at least 3 unis to compete/comiserate with.

Do it. You’ll thank yourself later.

Good luck guys. I’ll try to be ready for this next time around.

Thanks, Perry -
I can’t wait to look at my GPS profile of this climb. That’s the real reason I want to do this again. :wink: