White Unicycles

Is getting a white unicycle like getting white shoes? Will it look sweet at first but then get really dirty looking and stuff really fast?

I would love an white uni (tyre, frame, and seat, but black rim, and seat post), I think it would look special. TBH I don’t see many white frame uni’s, probably because of what you said with it becoming dirty. Sometimes the road less travelled is less travelled for a reason.

Same thing :wink:

What like this?


whitewall tires tend to look an inconsistent dirty grey color after being used outside, but you know what? Even then they look pretty sweet. Imma buy me a whitewall trials tire next :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got one and it looks sweet, even if the tire gets a little dirty.

I have two white bicycles that still look sweet. Just take care of it and wipe it off sometimes. Clean any ugly oil or grease off right away. It will show dirt sooner than other colors but the paint should hold up just fine.

Stop making so many threads. All of the posts and questions you’ve made in your threads since you’ve joined would have all been fine in any one of the 6 theads you’ve already posted.

If ridden outside the tire is going to get the dirtiest, about like shoes. The plastic bumpers are a lot more likely to stay clean. Metal parts can vary from easy scratches to VERY durable finishes, depending on the coating. Some paint jobs are fairly scratch resistant, some not. Powder coating is the best.

Overal, asside from the tire, if ridden outside, I’d expect a white uni to stay mostly like you bought it.

If you exclude the tire (rubber) it’s more like cars than shoes. Those black cars show lots of dirt, and the white ones don’t.

I don’t think I’ve discussed this about unicycles up until now… cleaning a uni should be quicker than cleaning a car though, if it really worries you that much.

Damn sharp looking rig. the seatpost sticker has to go, but the thing is flawless. White hides dings the best, and looks good muddy. how hard is it to clean a uni anyway. just look at that thing. sweet.

I think I’m gonna get a white try-all now

I’m getting one just because then I can ride my KH20 (and not just my freestyle uni that currently has a blue tire) in the gym.

Unicycle basketball is way easier on my trials uni than on my freestyle.

When are they going to make white 36" tires? Or any color?

no no no, please no!

You made me laugh really, really hard!:smiley:

I think a yellow 36er tire is in order.

… Waiting for Nathan Hoover to chime in with you…

ok… for those of you who REALLY want a white 36" tyre. Here is an option for you.


Tyre paint! :slight_smile:


Another incomplete question. Do you plan to ride this unicycle outside? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not joking. Lots of unicycles are used indoors only. Probably not yours though; indoor riders usually have lots of other indoor riders to confer with. Trials unicycles tend to take a beating no matter what color they are, though a white tire will always be covered with scuffs or other marks.

Also I have to disagree with Dane on the black thing. True for cars; not true for unicycles. Cars have lots of reflective sheet metal; lots of area to show imperfections. Unicycle frames have a tiny amount of sheet metal that doesn’t really reflect much.

Looks heavy! And out of stock. But very stylish! I don’t think it will work very well on the tread though…

Yeah it would wear off on all the raised bits and if your tread had small gaps, they could get filled, significantly reducing wet grip.

I’d test it on a cheap tire and compare before/after grip in dry and wet. It’d be hard to do a really good comparison w/o another of the same tire to switch back and forth if the feel was similar. If there wasn’t an obvious grip reduction, I wouldn’t worry about it and paint whatever tire I wanted.

I’m considering getting this paint. If there aren’t any US distributors, I prob wont.