White tryall tyres

Does anyone know anything about the 19" slick tire that I keep on seeing on the K1 website? It looks exactly like the 26" version but in 19" and they have it on some of their unis. Or are my eyes just tricking me and its actualy just a really well shaved normal Try all tire.

the dyes can change the compound. try colored bike grips, compared to black. they get sticky and where out quickly. i am sure it is the same thing with the white tires. the dye CAN affect the rubber.

It’d be pretty kickass if they made them in the colored camoflage like the motocross tire companies are doing.

This is true.

I have 2007 Specialized XC Lock-On grips.

I have them in black, which is the hardest compound, then there is brown which is slightly softer, and then finally white, which is a lot softer.

its just a shaved tryall.