White tryall tyres

yeah where can i get it

I’ll just say, if you make too many threads consecutively people may not be best amused :stuck_out_tongue:

In answer to your question; they are still being ‘‘tested’’ so to speak (and are not out yet).


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They are trophies that you need to win.

Hes new, I’m sure he just didn’t know and just thought they were cool.

Yea but if he took the time to go through the threads and find them all he should have seen atleast some of the rules.

… okay I was a bit harsh. I will tone it down. PLease dont just steal the trophies bro. Some of us worked real hard for them. You will feel much better if you earn them. Thanks.

EDIT: P.S Welcome. Try using the search button. Its weird at first but after you learn what to search for you will be able to find tons of answers to tons of questions without cluttering up the fourms.

He’s been registered for 6 months now. I would have thought that in that time he’d lurked a bit and picked up some of the unwritten rules.

Still… maybe that’s what people from Belgium find acceptable :thinking:


I like the the sig things. Meh, i know i cant do some of them, but whatever…

damn any idea when they come out?

Maybe you can find some information or something to discuss here

Nah, nothing useful there, lassy

Yes they are cool but the idea is you have to “win” them. Thats what makes them special.
I love the 540 one. I can even do that trick. Tho I was not able to compete in that comp so I dont have that trophy in my sig.

he was the 42nd to post.
also now its going to 84 with a new trophy

yer but he posted like 12 times lol:p

Why do they need testing? Aren’t they the same, just white?

Who are you talking to?
I don’t see someone that’s from Belgium accept me and Uniboy (is not much on the forums though) :thinking:

Peter M

It’s probably hard to get the qualities they want w/ the white.

Probably similar to colored motorcycle tires. The color ones look cool, but aren’t used much because their traction is less than black tires (and looses it rather suddenly therefore potentially dangerous) and significantly less tread life keeps them from being too popular. This could be mostly fixed with more development time/$ but sportbikes have always been more about functionality than looking cool.

Ah, well just underneath his avatar it said he was from The Greatest Country in The WORLD. So… we… I just assumed he must be from Belgium! :smiley:


Yeah, Belgium is like the size of a coin.
And gouverment is realy stupid to.

Peter M

Good point. And i’m confused now! Surely if they’re white, that means they have to be made out of something completely different, to make them white? And therefore they cannot ride exactly the same as black ones? (I honestly don’t know alot about tyre manufacture, help! :wink: )

I’d bet they are very similar to white freestyle tires and they just need to do extra testing so they work at least OK for street and trials, maybe tweak the compound a bit. But I think they are mainly for asthetics and to do flatland in gymnasiums w/ freestylers at club meetings.

they still use the same compound… it doesnt change just because the colour changes. For some brakepads you get them in fancy colours but can be of the same compound. It depends on what dye you use in the manufacturing.

I think they are just ‘testing’ it to see how it reacts aesthetically if that makes sense… i.e. how that sticky type of compound collects dirt etc… to see if it’s worth releasing because if it gets dirty tooooo easily then less will want to buy.