White try alls back in stock!

Like I said, white try all tires are back in stock at Renegadejuggling.com. Maybe they will stay on the shelves a lil long this time… :roll_eyes:

ooo man I have a feeling they’re are gonna be gone fast this time also!

ouch they’re $62 :astonished:

Thats freakin siiiiiiiiiick! :astonished:
such nice tires omg. :slight_smile:

koxx doesnt make the tire, Try All does. and the try all sticky tire is in my opinion the best.

Colour, and the fact that it’s non-marking so you can ride it in halls and gyms i.e. if you want to play hockey wihtout buying another uni.

Uhggg, I want one so bad but they’re $62 this time around.

Eh, probably gonna buy one anyways, my CC is pretty much bald other than a little bit of treads on the sides.

I just ordered my custom koxx with a white tryall. yussss.:smiley:

ohhhhhhh I want one so bad but $63 for a tire…anyone wanna lend me some money??:stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome. I just ordered one. :smiley:

I wonder how fast before they run out of stock again.

Its a white tire. Am I the only one that dosn’t see the big fuss?

…yes…i mean c’mon…it’s white! :roll_eyes:

I think it looks better than black. Plus I was gonna get a try-all either way, having white as an option is just an added bonus I think.

I don’t really care to have a white tire, but it’s a cool option to have.
I’m sure if they had the right color I would get a colored tire for a few extra bucks.

I much prefer the look of a black tire.

The white tire is cool, but i wouldnt go out of my way, or pay more money (even 1$) vs the black one.