White spokes?

Hey, i´m going to get white spokes, and can´t find any in sweden (171 mm).
I found in 167 mm and 178 as well, but not in 171, does it make any sense, or can i fit in 167 mm spokes on a 19" wheel?

Another question, in a uni magazine, it was a tutorial, “how to build a wheel”. Is it possible for someone that have not built a wheel before to follow that tutorial?


yes i built my first ever wheel using that tutorial and it has been going strong for awhile now

You can get extra long nipples which add approx 5mm, so the 167s should be ok.

Alternatively, different lacing patterns need different length spokes, so if you check out the spoke calculator on UDC, try selecting a 4 cross pattern to see if that comes out right.

The tutorial in Uni magazine is very good, and should be fine for a novice. A lot of people also use Sheldon Browns guide. This will tell you everything you will ever need to know about building a wheel and a lot more too.


Thanks. but is it different spoke length on a tryall rim and a kh rim?

Potentially it could be quite different. Probably won’t be much in it though. The Effective Rim Diameter varies with different rims, and hub types can affect it too. But that’s what the Spoke Calculator is designed for :slight_smile:


Definately use the spoke calculator to find your spoke length. For a new wheel builder the one thing that will make the most difference is having the correct spoke length. If you are doing any kind of hard riding, like trials, you don’t want to make up for short spokes with long nipples. In order for the nipple to have any real strength it needs to have the spoke coming through to the bottom of the screwdriver slot in the head. There are a lot of people who make the mistake of short spokes only to break nipples later.

Four cross uses longer spokes than three cross, so that won’t help you. For the strongest wheel you would want four cross, but you sacrifice some stiffness with longer spokes. Three cross is standard for most things anymore, and has proven to be a great balance between stiffness and strength. If you really are set on using those spokes you could look at two cross, but I don’t think I would build a trials wheel with two cross. Maybe someone has done it and can give some advice based on experience.

If it’s really important to have white spokes you may want to paint them if you can’t get the right length.

This one is easy.

Primo forged spokes, they come in white. The shorter of the stock lengths work. 182mm, lace them up 4 cross.

Done and Done.

Yeah, found them on a swedish site, am i supposed to cut them to the right length?

My englishknowledge can´t get any further, not either the dictionary. four cross? three cross? Are you talking about the nipples?

Four cross is how many spokes are crossed as you follow any single spoke from the hub to the rim.

You should look up Sheldon Browns wheel building page for instructions on how to build a wheel. I would explain, but the instructions there seem to have been enough for a lot of people on this site. I have to admit though, that I haven’t ever looked at it myself.

+1, Except I have looked at it and that is where I learned to build wheels.

If you buy 182mm spokes you do not have to cut anything. 182mm is the length spoke you will need for a 4 cross pattern, from an ISIS hub, to a 19" rim.

I must worn you, the first time building a wheel can be quite a challenge. It is well worth the hours of practice… eventually it will be very easy to build a wheel whenever you want.

Good luck, if you get those spoke make sure you are lacing a correct 4 cross pattern.