White Russian unicycles from Walmart?

Hi all. Newbie here. My son and I have been riding since Christmas. He now has a Nimbus 20" trials model, and I have the Nimbus II 24". We have been doing a lot of trail riding lately, and I was thinking of getting him a bigger wheel model so we could cover more ground. What do you guys think of the White Russian 24 that Walmart sells for $219?

Its a killer deal, most ppl consider koxx unis to be a step up from nimbus. Supposedly koxx is blowing out a bunch of their unis right now through retail chains. I was planning to pick one up at walmart as well, saves shipping w/ site to store.

They sell K1 at Walmart now?!?

If it is the same spec as their stock white russian it is a good unicycle at a decent price. Go for it.

Too bad it’s online only. I was really hoping I could go to Walmart and test drive one.

White Russian 24?

I see the White Russian 20" at Walmart for $199. (USD)

But it’s cheaper at meijer.com. $167 + shipping

You might even find a coupon code around.

I saw only 20’s on both walmart and meijer.com. Couldn’t find a any 24’s. :frowning: So i checked around and found them here. As for these K1 unis, the question is not, who carries them…it’s who doesn’t! :slight_smile:

I think municycle.ca in Canada are the only ones that have any of the 24" track monster or 24" white Russians, in stock. Most of the department stores are just getting the cycles drop shipped for them - this is why they are only online.

These are the last ones ever.
After this we will be stocking K1’s new designs + some of there other goodies (trials bikes, scooters).

When the first batch sale was going on, they had 24’s around too. Now that the sale at meijer has returned, it looks like their stock selection is depleted.

I bought the 24" track monster off meijer, and I think it’s almost identical to the specs of the white russian 24 except different pedals I believe (It doesn’t come with brake mounts FYI) The frame has a few minor dents in it from crashes on rocks, and I can tell that if I start riding harder or crashing harder, that the frame might get bent up pretty quick, but for now it is holding in strong and is a fairly lightweight Muni machine.

I also bought the 20" black domina. I am very pleased with both. For 160$ for the trackmonster and 180$ for the black domina, I can’t complain about anything really. It’s a killer deal.