White Rock Lake sighting

I was out for a lap around White Rock Lake in Dallas on my coker and was stopped by a middle-aged dude, probably 50s or so, who was promoting the Fort Worth unicycling club (I think he said it was called Uni-Psychos?). I didn’t think to ask about the forums, so I’m just curious if this guy posts on here.

If you are reading this, I was the skinny guy that goes to A&M.

Also, while I’m posting, does anyone have more info on the Uni-Psychos club?


I know they’re in Ft. Worth, and I now they ride at 9:30 or something on Fridays and Saturdays but I’m not sure. I also know my parents won’t drive me to Ft. Worth to ride with them. I think you can find out more by emailing info@uniphyscos.com