white KH handles

is it possible to purchase a kris holm handle in white?


I kinda doubt it because they probably would put it on the Whitewidow if there was one…Maybe there is though…im not much help…

If not, you could always powdercoat it white. :smiley:

no you couldn’t. powder coats are baked on. I dont think you can bake plastic haha.

would spray paint work for any amount of time?

probably not, unless you coated it really well. And even then it would get destroyed pretty quickly

yeah thats what I’m thinking.

hahah… seriously, powdercoating and spraying handles? :roll_eyes:

also, white widows don’t have white handles, because overdoing things with a certain colour scheme turns things into over-done crap. It’s all about subtle colour schemes, not ‘in your face, and all over’. :wink:

but yeah, white handles do exist… for instance, here?

That looks like a Miyata Handle… Is it just made with white plastic instead of green?

Looks more like a new school handle to me. But anyways, Qu-ax is a fairly modern brand and already make saddles with the typical new-school style handles like their yellow ones, so i don’t see why they’d bother reverting to a rare Miyata type one.

Doesn’t look like a Miyata handle at all.

I am going to get the white russian seat, and it just seems to me like the black handle really doest work with the seat cover.

Oh… I guess it doesnt… lol :smiley: my bad

Look into stuff next time before blindly stating opinions based on nothing.

:thinking: well I was just talking about miyata saddles at my LBS, so it was kinda implated in my head :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a sexy looking handle. though is it avliable on this side of the pond? Linkage anyone?

That’s why he came here, he wanted help so we are helping him. No one’s perfect you know. :angry:

thanks :smiley:

I assume that is the same handle as this: http://www.einradladen.net/shop/show_product.php/cPath/52/products_id/229
And that says at the bottom that it won’t fit on KH seats so it won’t fit on a koxx either.

i don’t see why it doesn’t fit the bolt pattern looks the same spacing must be slightly off you could probly make it work.

I wasn’t referring to the original poster who was asking the question. I have no problem with Miles asking if there are white KH handles. It does however bother me that people start saying stuff without having a clue or no proof either way. Miles wanted help and what NKahler provided certainly wasn’t that.