White-face Muni!!!(New Video)

This thursday Sean, Jarred and I rode up to the Whiteface trail, did some rock climbing and then did some nice muni. It was good to be able to test out my new Bedford on some 4 foot drops, a little rock trials, and a nice steep trail, with lots of bumps and obstacles. We found a few little areas to ride/drop off and had a blast riding for the day. It sure feels great to get back to my true passion: muni. I threw together a video of riding for y’all to enjoy. I know that there are some people who have to suffer with 56k and such, so I made a smaller version of the video just for you’s peeps.

White-face Muni(15mb)

White-face Muni(5mb)

There will be more, better, muni vid’s soon to come!

“I” wouldnt call that muni but its still dope riding. nice work eric!


ah yes good ol’ Sean and Jared…

nuttin special, but i like your muni. Did you have to paint the rim or what???

Nice vid, I especially liked the part where ya’ did that forward hop over the rut in the downhill section

When I ordered my muni, Darren Bedford Powdercoated it for me.

He can powdercoat hubs, rims, frames and such. www.bedfordunicycles.ca

nice vid, guess I better go out and ride… liked the new UNI… very clean! What tire do you have on it?

Nokian Gazzalodi 3.0

Good video.

Pity about the pink shirt, get a yellow one to match that smart new Muni.


Dude Eric sweet video your uni rocks and that first sweet shifty that your friend did rocked, good music too…


that vid turned out really nice. well make better videos soon