whitby unicyclists

my parental units were drivin down the old hwy 2 and saw the most incredible thing a unicyclist who they deemed to be set up to do trials. now there no experts but I’m hoping he was actually A. a unicyclist or at least riding one
B. a trials rider

if you ride uni trials in whitby add me I live in ajax and work in whitby oh and ride uni trials.


Hi Logan,

I was out riding along that street today from about 1:30-3. Good chance it was me, but I’ve heard rumours of some underground riders in the area… So I don’t know…

underground AHAHAHAHAHA

No dude I’m serious. Like 3 or 4 weeks ago, my friend’s mom saw like 3 or 4 unicyclists riding arround at the No Frills by my house. Now that’s a good group of them, and noone arround here has admitted to riding near there at all. So we have some underground riders in the area.