Whippin' It ....... A MUni Roll

This is my first video in HD … check it out if your computer will handle that

Nothing I like better than being out in the Piney Woods and if I am not backpacking then riding my Kris Holm 24" off-road unicycle on the bike trails is a close second…
This is the most exhausting exercise that I do… lung-busting, leg-tiring, sweat-producing and buttocks-kicking. But it is a Fun challenge every time.

Nothing too intense here … just a good fast ride through my local woods.

Even though I have used the song before … I thought it fit this video and I was singin’ it in my head on the ride. It is a version of the Allman Brothers classic “Whippin’ Post” and is me and my friends picking it up at the Long’s Cabin on the lake in the Winter. We are just jamming … not a band … just love to play our instruments.
Kelsey Long …fiddle
Mike Long… guitar
Paul Currie…guitar
Sean “Shug” Emery mandolin and singin’

Thanks for watching and Whoooo Buddy!

The Shugster is back! Good to see you out there tearing it up again and having fun, and it looks like a really fun trail too! :smiley:

Another good vid:) You’ve definitely improved since your last.

Have you tried riding along those logs like the ones across the trail or on the side @ 0:42?

Thankee Terry … 'preciate all the ucc ideas as well!!!

Mucho Obligato… I need to try those logs … not ridden them as of yet.

Hey I remember that jump and hole! Congrats on making it! You really look like you’re getting the hang of some nice rolling hops. It’s a whole new world now.

Thanks for the video and tunes.


Yeah … it is mighty fun… and feels good for a 52 year old feller.
Been out there some more. It is getting better.
Thankee for your comment!