Whipped on MUni, MU, MOO-NI, Just Fun Uni

Needed to get out and get a good ride in and burn some of that Holiday white toast flab!
Had a fun ride and it was good to get “whipped” and work the stamina…

Also … I had to break up all the stove videos that I have been churning out lately.

At my age …51 … it takes a wee toll on me. Don’t know how Unigeezer does it almost everyday!!!
But I will never stop … I won’t.

All secure in sector seven,

Sean. From the 1:00 minute mark to the 1:10 time there is a hole in your trail that you keep getting caught in. You should fill in the hole. :smiley:

Nice cover of “Whipping post”! Love the foresty look of the trail and you’re getting some good air there! :smiley:

That hump is new … someone just did it and left the hole. I shall bring a shovel and fill 'er in.

Yeah … fun tune to jam on.
Minnesota has that “foresty” look around me…

Heh Heh, Heh… You said “Hump”…

I guess I’m ignorant, but I thought you would already have snow?

Oh man! the last bail in your video, there isn’t much of a worse feeling when you “fall” and end up still on top of your uni rolling down the hill, of course with your feet no where near your pedals. Not fun.

Nice one shug. I always enjoy your videos- great combination of music that suits the scenery and some fun riding and bails (like the audio commentary on the last one particularly). Keep it up. Look forward to your next production.

Nice, that bail at 1:38 looked cool, but also painful.

hahahaha … that was thoroughly entertaining Shug … nice one, enjoyed that :slight_smile: I felt the pain on the bail at 1:10, and the commentary made it. Keep on riding !! :smiley:

Righto … I appreciate that.

It hurt a wee bit. I bled from the knee… Fun though!

Glad the slo-mo commentary worked for ya’ … to bail is a good fail.

What? You can’t let the hole win over you. Go out there, beat it and put it in your next video. Maybe bring a pillow to land on when you bail. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wonderful video Shug. Loved it. Man, you can sing too? Just marvelous!

That sure brightened up my monday morning:) (that hole really needs to be filled)


I love to say “hump” !!!
It was a mighty fine bail… thanks for enjoying. It rang my bell.

I will return!!! gonna get good speed and get my old man arse over it. Thankee for the motivation…
Mange tak,

The unicycle riding helps to hit the higher registers!:stuck_out_tongue:

As soon as I get over it … it may get filled.
I appreciate your monday morningish viewing…

That’s the spirit!
I lige måde.

Big snow last night … gonna be tough … but going for it soon. Just got a KH 29’er I want to try!!!

Snow, cool! Wish it would snow here soon. :slight_smile:

hahaha… kids these days are getting older.

Yeah … I am a big wrinkly infant who just wants to play!