Whip attempts.

These are my whip attempts from about 9 months ago. Enjoy.

What the hellll! Sick dude! :slight_smile:

9months ago?
you haven’t tried more?
do another 3h of that stuf and you will have a lot of pain, but you will have landed it for sure!!! so sick:)

Yeah haven’t rode for 9 months so I haven’t tried them since. It does beat up my legs a little but I’m getting some new leg armour, old ones have absolutely had it. I’ll try them again at the local skate park off a block or a 3 set in my backyard which I have to reconstruct.

Wow! You were really close on a lot of those attempts! And a rolling seatwhip down a 3 set would be even cooler than a seatwhip on flat!

Siiiiiiiiiiick! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Great effort on your part. :astonished:

I do however have a fear that you just might hurt yourself fairly seriously, so do try to take care with any future trys at this.

Wow that’s pretty amazing. Seems like it might be easy to break a seatpost in that fashino

Instead of investing only in new leg armour I advice You to buy/wear “HEAD”-armour too…you even would have to buy only 1!!!:wink:
Awesome :astonished: .though!!!