Which Wrist Guards

I have seen several threads for this topic, but they are all several years out of date.

I am about to start learning to unicycle on a 20" throwaway, and then purchase a Nimbus 24" muni. I want to wear wrist guards from the start and would like some advice on reasonably price ones.

I will be riding fairly flat forest paths and quiet country roads, maybe on the beach too. I will be riding for fitness and fun, and have no intention of doing big jumps or extreme muni.

Any recommendations?

wrist guard


I use Triple 8 gloves (they come in long or short fingered variety) then have a rear splint to stop hyper extension and a slider on the palm which is removable (so ideal for Uni) with a elasticated wrist wrap. They come up a bit small so you might want to go one size up from your usual size.

They are like the renowned Hillbilly gloves but a bit thinner as not made out of goat or whatever the HBs are made from :stuck_out_tongue: but more than enough (and more importantly I can actually get them in the UK unlike the Hillbillys).

I have used them for 9 months solid and they are still in great condition after many UPDs and they have really protected my wrists

I highly recommend them

I also like the Triple 8 gloves. Here’s my review on Amazon:


BTW I think many of the product reviews have moved over to this forum:


I did some more research and decided on SFR dual splint wrist guard due to some good reviews, and the reasonable price
However I found out that they are made of neoprene, which I have found makes me sweat !
Are there any similar guards which do not use neoprene?

Still unsure which wrist guards to buy.

The Hired Hands look good, but what do you use in the winter to avoid fingers freezing off?
I couldn’t find any long fingered version available?
Didn’t really want to buy a separate pair just for winter.

Are there any good guards which fit under/over ski or other strong gloves?

Apologies if this thread is getting boring, but I really need advice on wrist guards.

Is there a difference between wrist supports and wrist guards?
These 661’s wrist wraps look good, but will they protect my wrists as well as others termed wrist guards?

Hillbilly full-fingers. 'nuf said.


I just ordered same wrist guards last week - will see how they works. Reviews are very good.