Which wheel size should I buy?

I am 5"4 and I’m a teenager and I’m not sure if I’m tall enough to get a 26" Nimbus Muni. My friend has a 24" Nimbus Muni and I’m able to ride it well. Currently I’m riding a 20" Diamondback, but I’m tired of the tiny wheel. I am very interested in getting a 26" but I’m worried I might not be tall enough for it if I’m only 5"4.

You’ll fit a 26" just fine. Your inseam is what matters, not full height, but at 5’4", you’ll fit a 26. You could even go 29 if you wanted to without issues really.

Edit: You may have to cut down the seatpost. If you can borrow a pipe cutter from someone and file down the edges, you should be good to go. Measure twice! :wink:

I was going to say “buy all of them.” And eventually you probably will if you’re like the rest of us. :slight_smile:

Here you can see Liz Wilson rocking it on her 29" Nimbus Oracle (blue rim):

I’ve ridden with her and if she’s 5’4" then I’m 6’11". (Hint: I’m not 6’11".)

Tire choice matters as much as anything, and a lot depends on what kind of riding you want to do. Some people are really liking 27.5" right now. Figure out what you want/need. You’ll be able to ride it.

(Like juggleaddict says… He slipped in while I was writing this.)

I am 5’4" and love my 26". I know I could also fit a 29, but don’t feel ready yet. You should do fine with a 26" unless you have an unusually short inseam.

What riding are you interested in? I would recommend a 29" if you are doing cross country mostly (gravel roads, some forest paths without steep downhills, excessive roots or many trees to dodge), 26" if your goal is technical riding. 29" is just faster and more fun, also more compatible with bicyclists. (Keeping up with those is hard on a 26"). If there is are technical sections (drops, roots, tight bends) I would choose 36", even if it’s on forest paths, but probably would not advise it to a beginner as a uni to do your fist steps of uni with, and the step from 20" to 36" seems hard for some.
I am 5’7" with really short legs, and I fit both a 26" and a 29" and also most 36" well (seat almost all the way down though).