Which wheel size is better for semi-technical muni?

Which wheel size is better semi-technical muni? I’d like to hop, do drops, some gapping, and have good speed. 24 or 26?

I have never tried a 26’’ but if you do some searching you should find some good info.

You have to try it by yourself… Except if you intend to buy a new unicycle right now… I ride everything with my 24’’ except uphill with 26’’ or 29’’. -24’’ is the best :wink:

I have a Nimbus 24" muni and I love it. It’s a reasonable price, not too heavy, nice and sturdy and gr8 overall. For technical muni I would recommend 24" if you want to go long distance, like through fields and stuff as opposed to woods, get a 26". TBH choice is up to you.

I just got a nimbus 26 muni. So far I’ve only gotten to ride it on a trail by my house which is fairly mellow, some steep up and down a few roots but tame. I LOVE it. I can finally get enough speed to carry me up small steep hills, I couldn’t do that on my 24. It climbs better than my 24 and decends about the same, control-wise. Hopefully I’ll get it out on a more technical trail in a few days…

I just noticed your 14, I’m a pretty big guy 6’ and 205 lbs, I think the 24 was just a bit small for me. Depending on your size, the 24 may be right. You really can’t go wrong with either.

From my experience a 24 is easier to control, but a lot of it depends on your size. A 24 will be more agile, but a 26 will help with the climbing. If you are having trouble getting up hills with a 24, you can always put longer cranks on it, which will sacrifice speed for torque. My friend does some pretty steep hills on his 24, but he’s running 170mm cranks, so his ride is slow as molasses.

I actually prefer my kh29 for the semi-technical stuff - fast, climbs well, and more pedal clearance. It is my favorite uni to ride. For the serious technical stuff, I pull out the 24. I don’t have any experience with 26.

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^^A trials uni for MUni?

haha, how fast do you go? 3mph?

It’s miserable riding any considerable distance on a trials unicycle.

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