which uny only for freestylei?

Hi guys,
it’s time to develop my freestyle skill.
I’m a level 5 rider. I have other unicycles (trial-muni-street and the “basic old one”…).
So I’m considering to buy a uni only for freestyle. (gliding,spins,coasting…)

Do you think a

20’’ Nimbus II

Nimbus X http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=479

could be good machines or it’s better if I choose a Myiata deluxe unicycle
http://www.unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=463 ?

The miyata cost almost the double, but… Should I choose this one?

Ciao ciao

If you’re not gonne do stand-up tricks I recommend the Semcycle Pro.
It is the most strong AND comfortable AND durable unicycle.

Otherwise the Semcycle XL freestyle (the model with long seatpost-tube, wide fork-crown, and different wheel), like used in this unicycle clip

Ummm… The Semcycle with 20 inch wheel seems good but… I’d like to do stand-up tricks! (maybe not tomorrow, but… you know…)
And, searching in Semcycle site, I’ve seen this Xl unicycle 20", that seems very upgradable. Do you know something about this one?

But… where is this in the Sem site? Is the XL 20"?


It seems to be the link you found, with all upgrades.

  • the frame upgrade is the difference between the standard and the freestyle XL fork
  • the pedal upgrade is the difference between plastic pedals and rubber pedals with chromoly axes.
  • the seat upgrade is to get the seat with the replaceable metal plate / cushion / cover
  • the tireupgrade is to get a pr1mo “the wall” tire.
  • everything above is just my guess. If you want to know sure, then mail your question straight to Semcycle at: info -at- semcycle -dot- com.

  • since -I guess- you live in Italy delivery may be done from Holland. So that you wont need to spend too much money (and wait) on shipping.

I just got a KH 20 freestyle, mainly because it was so cheap (220 bucks, shipped), and like you, I wanted to work on some freestyle skills and got sick of pumping up and deflating the tire on my trials uni.

The KH 20 rolls all kind of smooth, and terrible fast with a hookworm pumped to 90 psi (makes one-footed stuff and wwing a breeze because you can so easily steer the thinner, harder tire). Can’t imagine anyone regretting this purchase. The flat crown is a must as well.


Thank you guys!
I’ve just emailed Semcycle and now I’m also considering the KH…
Before asking you I was in doubt with two unicycles, now I have 4 options… :thinking:
eh eh eh