Which unicycle?

Well I was wondering which unicycles would be good for me. I have been unicycling for two months now and was wondewring if it would be possible for you to reccomend me a couple unicyles.
-Jon D.

O ya by the way I am asking because I am riding a Norco unicycle that is my uncles right now. But I am only borrowing that one.

Depends on what stuff you do on a unicycle. Do you mainly use the unicycle to commute? Do you do trials, or mountain unicycle?
Also, what’s your price range?
Check out www.unicycle.com for awesome uni’s.

Go to Ebay. Get a Torker 20" unistar. They’re cheap, durable, and easy to find. If this is something you will want to stick with for a long time, you’re going to want something a little more comfortable. (although I hear the new “Torker Black” saddles with the lift handle in front are pretty comfy. Otherwise, they’re murder.)

Also, if you plan on jumping over stuff, riding down stairs, and other stuff that’s hard on the wheel, you may want to spring for the 48 spoke wheel.

You may want to hook up with Unibrow and the Royal Riders before deciding.

If you hang with those guys you’ll probably need to go Trials with a splined hub and cranks. A standard Torker may not last.:slight_smile:

I’m waiting for Harvy’s Bike Shop down here to get in their 2004 Torker order in so I can check out their new Trials and Muni uni’s.

i just started a week ago and i love my torker unistar (black is better than the crome) 20". the saddle is ok.

Step back a bit from questions about specific makes and models and ask yourself a few questions. How good a rider are you? How good do you intend to become? How much opportunity will you have to ride? Where will you ride? What interests you? Do you like ‘stunts’ such as jumping up, over or down obstacles? Do you like riding difficult terrain? Do you aim for distance? Do you want to perform?

Most people who buy unicycles never get past riding 50 metres or so, and then the unicycle goes in the back of the garage never to be seen again except at barbecues and picnics.

Some people learn to ride competently, and occasionally go for a ride, but never specialise.

Some people get deeply into one aspect of unicylcing (trials, freestyle, MUni, touring) and the second unicycle they buy is a good quality one optimised for that type of riding.

Others end up with 3, 4 or many many more unicycles.

So which are you? You probably don’t know yet.

So, what can you do? Buy a good mid range unicycle, see how you use it, upgrade it, and discover your own tastes. Then your NEXT unicycle will be the one you really want… or if you never specialise, you’ll always have a good general purpose unicycle, capable of a bit of this and a bit of that.

So, choose a wheel size. 24 is a good general use size: small enough for a few tricks and jumps, big enough to cover distance and cross obstacles. 26 might be good if you’re very tall; 20 might suit if you are very untall.

Tyre? Generally, something fairly fat. 24 x 1.95 tyres are easily available, and good enough for light off roading, and light enough for simple stunts and tricks.

Pedals? You can always upgrade these anyway.

Cranks? A good medium length. 125mm on a 24 is reasonable for now. Cranks are cheap to replace if you decide to buy a longer or shorter pair.

So, for a first good quality general purpose unicycle, get something with ‘main cap’ style bearing holders, a decent seat (Viscount, Miyata, KH, Velo) and fit some decent pedals. The Nimbus 2 (or later Nimbuses) would be a sensible choice. In the USA they are sold as Yunis. But any mid range uni will do.

IF, on the other hand, you want to specialise, then I’d suggest if you’re experienced enough to specialise, you already knwo what you want…

It’s a bad idea to buy a top of the range uni, only to find it isn’t the one you want. Better to learn by experiment and experience, upgrade, dream, replace…


This will definitely need better pedals. I bought Nimbus II 2003 and the pedals won’t do their job if you ride outside. They have rubber on top and if your shoes get wet they slip and you fall. Wellgo’s or something similar are cheap and pretty good. I bought cheapest Wellgo’s I could find and they work pretty well.

“Go to Ebay. Get a Torker 20” unistar"

i personally suggest a 24" because in the beginning you will notice your riding get more controlled if you ride far- doing this is much more fun on a 24"

The fact that you came to the forum means that you are intersted in the sport and therefore i would suggest paing extra to get the Torker 24" unistar black (with the miyata style seat with handle) for about $100 or less. it will serve you well for basically everything except muni and drops (i footed will be hard since there is no crown…)

actually, the 2004 stealth torker will have a flat crown. don’t know when they’ll be available though

no need for flat crown, although my trials uni has one…

Muniracer, in my experience, there is no NEED to have a flat-crowned frame on a unicycle that you intend to ride one-footed on.

My unicycle has a flat crown, but I find it harder to one-foot with my foot resting on the frame. I simply keep my leg that is not pedalling in an “L” position. I usually hold on to the handle on the front of my seat to keep the unicycle from moving too much underneath me. I can see how a flat crown may help in keeping the uni stationary, but I found my foot constantly brushed against the tire and caused me to fall.

I do not believe flat-crowned frames should be considered essential for someone who wants to learn to one-foot a bit, but if they don’t cost more money, getting one may not be a bad idea.

(I have little more than a week or so experience one-footing, but I believe a learner’s perspective may be more to the point, anyway.)

Just some of my observations. It’s all about preference…

Well I just thought I would say a couple things right now and answer some other questions later.

First: It seems like some people thought that I haven’t unicycled before. Well I borrowed a unicycle from my uncle and have been riding for 2 and a half months

Second: I was thinking about getting a MUni.

Like I said I will answer more questions later but I am too busy right now.
Thanks to everyone who posted or read.

If you’re from Canada, the only place to shop is Bedford . And Sofa, thanks for showing me how to do the Link thing.