which unicycle would be better to buy?

should i buy a mongoose unicycle or a sun? which is better? :thinking:

Welcome to unicyclist.com. I’m not familar with the mongoose uni so I can’t give you my opinion. It would also help if you gave us some more information. For example some of the things that can help:

Is this your first Uni? What is your unicycling experience? What are your riding goals? What is your budget? What size UNI are you considering? Where are you located? (this last one helps us with availability of brands/models)

I will say that I consider the ‘club’ unicycle from www.unicycle.com to be a better choice over a Sun for just a little bit more money.

Here is good place to look for other choices: http://www.unicycle.com/unicycles/beginner-series

Welcome to the forums! :sunglasses:

The Unicyclopedia is always a good place to look for buying information if you’re new and know nothing about unicycles. It’s also full of tips and tricks to help you on your way to learning. Maybe it will be of some help?

Otherwise give us as much info as you can and we’ll help you out.

(Oh, and I’ve never owned or ridden a Mongoose or a Sun, so I’ll leave that question for someone who has!)