Which unicycle under £100?

Which unicycle would you recommend for up to £100 available in the UK?
We can ride short distances and are not looking to do anything too demanding like off-road or tricks etc, just a decent quality uni for riding around. Have been looking at “Indy ‘Freestyle’ 20” Unicycle with Splined Cranks" and “Qu-AX Luxus 20” Trainer Unicycle", both around £90 but happy to look at alternative suggestions.
Thanks for any help

there are quite alot of options

a good place to start looking is here:

UDC carry a few lines in learner unicycles

Hoppley, Trainer and Club

I think they are spec’d in that order - I could be wrong.
plus they also have the Qu-Ax,
the current deal of the week is a 20" Qu-Ax luxus plus a book and a DVD for 99 GBP.

whatever you choose, have a look at the site. and specs of what you can get. then give them a call at UDC, they generally are very helpful.

If you really want to ride around, then take a look at some larger wheel e.g. 24" or even 26" depending on your size :slight_smile: It will fit much better riding around than 20".
And Qu-Ax is for sure a good try, but I believe UDC, so all their offers should stay long enough if you don’t plan anything demanding from them.

The 20" QU-Ax Luxux is the deal of the week ( http://www.unicycle.uk.com/deal-of-the-week.html )at £80 at the moment - grab it quick if a 20" under £100 is all you want :smiley:

My favourite Uni is my QU-Ax 24" Crossfire (MUni). It’s all down to what you want to do on a Unicycle as to what’s the best thing to buy. :wink: