Which unicycle to buy for second one.

I’ve been unicycling for a few months,and have been happy with my 20 inch trainer, but am now ready to buy another one. Can I get some advice on what would be a good choice. I want to ride around in the street, and sometimes in the countryside, on paths. I won’t be doing any trials or extreme muni. I am 5 ft 10. Thanks.

24"-29", take your pick. 24" for more versatility. 24" MUni for dirt, but will be less suited to pavement. 29" for longer rides, and it can work on both pavement and trails. Tons of threads about that if you want to read more.

I’d say from your description the 29" would be the best option. Its great for going a reasonable distance on but still easy to control in traffic and on narrow paths. Good fun off road too as long as its not too rocky/rooty.