Which unicycle should I get?

I am looking into getting my first unicycle and I have ridden my friends club
20" from unicycle.com and I like it, but I found the torker unistar cx for about $50 less, is the club worth the extra money? I also looked into the torker LX, is that any better? Or is there another good unicycle for beginers that I should know about?

Thanks in advanced!

For a learner uni, the best out of those is the LX. So i would say go with that

Don’t get a cx

The lx is worth the extra $, stronger with a better seat.

Google around, sometimes stuff is on sale. This place is about 115 $


Do not get the CX. If you plan on riding more than 20 minutes at a time, that seat will kill you. Get the LX.

LX or Club?

I’ve been told that the club 20" is better than the Lx. Is that true?


definetly get the LX over the CX. LX will last you alot longer, then you can graduate up to a DX when your ready, by then the new DXes will be out and in compitition with the Nimbuses.

LX seat

I’ve heard that the LX seat can start to hurt after a while.

Is that true? If so what would be a good seat to get instead?


if you are doing distance, not matter what seat you use its gonna start hurting after a while. if you want a pretty good quality seat you could get a KH freeride fusion saddle. then when you get a better uni you can transfer the saddle.

My feeling is that for the most part the Club and LX are pretty much on the same level in terms of quality. I say this without ever seeing an LX in person, but just going by the specs. When looking for my first uni I narrowed it down to the LX or Club with 24" wheel. I went with the Club based on the very minor differences and the ability to choose a color. I haven’t had any issues with the stock Club seat during my hour long practice sessions.

Just picked up a LX 24" on ebay for $128 shipped. Should be here Friday, can’t wait.