Which unicycle next?

I am Tet from the SE of England. I have been unicycling one year and have only very basic skills - forward, stop, left turn, right turn and I can just about manage a slight incline (up or down). I am now concentrating on free-mounting.

I hope to improve a lot this summer and was thinking about getting a second unicycle. I have a Nimbus 24" which I have been very pleased with (I only unicycle outside on paths but would like to attempt some rougher surfaces woodland paths etc). I wondered whether my current uni is suitable or whether I may (unknowingly be limited by it). What might be a suitable second/alternative unicycle as I get more adventurous and want to broaden my unicycling experience?

Also, I am hoping by having a spare there is always the chance I can lend my other to someone wanting to learn and so gain a unicycling companion!



If your current unicycle doesn’t have a handle on the seat, then a seat with a handle (like a KH or KH fusion seat) is the biggest upgrade for riding on rough surfaces. Learning to ride with a hand on the handle makes a real difference to how much you can ride off road. You could fit a knobbly tyre and pedals with spikes onto the nimbus 24 and it’d be pretty good for muni. If you’re only just at the freemounting stage, it’ll be a long while before you’ll be limiting yourself with your equipment. Even without a knobbly tyre, mud is the only thing that’s much harder with a fat slick.

Alternatively, if you’ve got money to spend, you could get yourself a nice muni like the Kris Holm ones. That way you’d have something you won’t grow out of ever, and like you said you’ll have a spare uni for a friend to borrow.


Congrats on getting that far with the uni! Many people give up before they have acquired your skill level.

If you want to go off road (Muni, or mountain unicycling), think about several cycles:

Since you are in England, the Unicycle-Dot-Com people have a neat one that I just discovered on this forum last night. It’s called the Muddley Muni and it puts together several pieces of excellent parts. Here is a link:


Generally, anything by Kris Holm will be excellent but more expensive than the mass produced uni’s of lesser cost.

Also, check out these two 24-inch cycles: the Kris Holm XC (cross country) and the Kris Holm Freeride. They are at unicycle.uk.com in England as well. I just ordered an XC yesterday because I want to do more of what you are talking about: going off road on paths, and more challenging terrain. Both of these cycles (the Freeride and the XC) have a great deal in common; that is, the basic construction of the uni’s use many of the same parts. Some differences are that the XC has a tyre that is 2.6" in width, the Freeride comes with a 3" Duro Wildlife Leopard tyre that is more typical of hard core Muni. Also, the XC comes with 150mm cranks, a good general length. The Freeride comes with 170mm cranks, better for climbing hills and so forth. The great thing about the XC is that it will also take a 3" tyre, and I’m sure I will try that someday as well. If you order it from unicycle.uk.com, they can probably make any adjustments you want, like giving you a crank length that suits you.

Finallly, check out the Torker DX 24 inch Muni. It is about half the cost of the Kris Holm, but do a search on this forum for matters related to its construction. Some people have complained about less-than-stellar craftsmanship and broken parts, others have had no problem at all.

Overall, Kris Holm equipment is top flight. The Muddley is put together with some Kris Holm equipment and looks to be pretty good. The Torker DX 24-inch Muni has also been a successful choice. Go with splined hubs if possible - they rarely if ever break and are a good investment.

Talk to Roger at the unicycle.uk.com in England. I understand he’s terrific and can help you out in a big way.

Keep riding and have a lot of lines prepared when people ask, “Where’s your other wheel?”!!!


I wouldn’t buy the muddley muni personally. It’s an old (2004) KH hub, rather than the new (2005) one. The extra money for a KH muni would be well worth paying. These old hubs had loads of problems with the keyway in the hub slipping. We were talking about them at hockey last night, all the people there who had one have had to do some dodgy fix involving araldite on them now, or are about to do it.