Which Uni

OK well i was gonna get a torker lx this christmas but their sold out and i was wondering ive really gotten into trials ive been riding for about 2 weeks and can hop up and down stairs and i love hopping so i was thinking should i get a trial instead if i was going to get a trials what should i get a dx or a koxx one

Torker DX Unistar, its wht im getting for Christmas, on Ebay, you can get a brand new one for 220, or less!!!

It is a little heavy i hear, but can really take a beating and doesnt brake easily, though the 2006 had/has some defective frames out there that could brake after a while that would take 25 to 50 dollors for a Nimbus 1 or 2 frame.

Id suggest it, or if you have more money, definitly KH. (Kris Holm Unicycle)

The DX is cheaper than any splined Koxx you could get, and I haven’t seen anything suggesting a strength difference. The DX is heavy, but the price difference likely is more important.

ya i startyed unicycling 2-3 weeks ago and im in love and right now im really good and can hop up stairs but what i like the most is hopping so since it was sold oput i though if i should get a trials and i saw this uni
the white widow and i also know ill be unicycling for loike my whole life so should i get that

ya ive looked into the dx but i really like the koxx and my dad would pay for half the uni and id pay rest

so does that sound like a good idea to buy it or anything i should know

if your dad’s paying for half then by all means get the koxx much better than the dx but more expensive.