which uni

Kay well i know im a beginner unicyclist but im thinking of getting a ddecent uni,(cuz mines an embarrensment to all unis) and cuz ive improved a lot so. Anyways i wanted to know which uni you think i should get. im looking for a uni thats is good value of money and is good for both Muni and street

Muni and Street is a hard combination to roll into one unicycle. 24" street is both possible and fun, but you’d need different tires for each. Muni is possible on a 19", but you’d wear out much more quickly. You’d also be less able to roll over roots and other obstacles that a 24" would plow over.


I think you’re going to have to make a sacrifice somewhere.

Since you said you’re a beginner I’d look into getting a decent 24" Muni, maybe like this. That way you can ride around all the trails you want and still be capable of working on street tricks. If you advance enough in street then I would consider buying a new unicycle for that purpose. I would definitely try to avoid doing Muni on a 19" tire, though.

Okay then, what Municycle would you recommend for begginers and what street unicycle would you recommend for beginners (seperatrly i mean)

It really depends on how much your willing to spend. I would say get a really good uni now so that you don’t have to get another new one later.

While i was reading that, the Torker DX came to mind. That wouldn’t be a bad machine to mix MUni and Street with. But like Michael said, it all comes down to how much $$$ you have. :smiley:

For street go with a KH if you have money, if you want to spend less money go with the Nimbus ISIS Trial with momments, both are good unicycles.

for money

for money, im willing to spend up to $500 dollars as long as its a good uni

For a new unicyle for both street and muni I would reccomend one of these in this order KH08(out of price range), KH07, and a Nimbus(with moment crank upgrade). I would also reccomend that you eventually get a street specific unicycle and brakes for your muni(ASAP if your going down steep stuff).

I wouldn’t think muni would be much fun on a 20" lol just seems like you would get so tired but that’s just me :roll_eyes:

for being a begginner i would recommend a Torker DX. and probably the 24" because thats where i started and i learned my street on it as well as my muni. good all around sized wheel and the DX is basically bomb proof. I put both my unis through hell and they don’t flinch.

lol i have heard that every where now i didn’t think spline hubs were that strong :thinking: but i guess so :smiley: but yeah i would go with a 24" because it is a good size for a lot of things just like you said

yea, like i said, i learned my trials and street stuff on it. i evan learned a 360 unispin on it. but now i have both 24 and 19 so i am set. and the splined on the Torkers are real strong, i have a friend that did a 10ft drop on somebody’s DX 24". i did a 7ft drop to flat. the cranks are really strong too. i have not bent mine or had any probs.

that’s pretty cool i wouldn’t of expected that :smiley:

the only reason some people don’t like them is because they are pretty heavy, but they are very strong. but as for the heavy part, that is going to change when the brand new Torkers come out. TOTALLY different unicycle altogether basically, except for the rim,LOL.

im still going to stick with my kh20 lol but i am curious to find out what the new Torker is going to look like i hope it isn’t as much of a let do as the nimbus TI was :frowning:

if its the way i think its going to be, it’ll be sick. it will definetly be over a pound lighter. it will be stronger, and just a much better uni. and the best part about it, is that i will be the first to ride it, let alone be the first rider to see it!!!

your very lucky hope its a good uni :smiley:

yea, i really hope its a good uni because i helped design most of it,lol. I designed the seat for the 20", chose the style cranks and chose the frame. when i do get the prototype, i plan on putting it through hell, i want to try to push it to the limit.

sounds good and that’s really cool that you helped design it try to keep me posted on the progress of it :slight_smile: