Which uni to buy?

I would also recommend getting a 24 instead of a 20.

I’d get one of the Nimbus 24’s w/ 170 cranks at first, to make it easier to ride and less scary UPD’s, until you get used to them, then upgrade to shorter ones when the 170’s are too slow. If you’re gust riding it around town, you’ll eventually want to put on 125 or smaller cranks.

Nimbus X - hub and cranks aren’t that strong, but will be fine for riding off curbs and hopping up/down stairs.
Nimbus II (red . blue) - STRONG hub, more clearance for wide knobby tires, optional really strong cranks.
Muni - similar as above, but comes w/ a knobby tire, metal pinned pedals, and a better, stronger rim for off road.
http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=765 - super strong and comes w/ mounts for hydraulic brakes but is heavy, not as upgradeable and the Nimbus Muni has a better rim.

My vote? Get the Nimbus Muni w/ 170 stock cranks and upgrade to a KH Fusion Freeride saddle + a road tire (and shorter cranks, or get them later).

Skil’s rap is what chuck was flipping about

Who needs 80 $ a pair ISIS cranks to ride around town ?


Buy this thing, then put on a pair of 13 $ oddessy twisted plastic pedals.

Great around the town have fun riding uni. For less then 200 $ delivered.

The 150 mm cranks that come stock with this uni are the most popular size. If you want to try another crank size, ISIS cranks are 80 $ /pair. Cotterless square hub cranks are many times less $. 10- 20 $/pair.

UDC is a great company, with the best selection, but their shipping charges are really high $ :frowning: .

You can get replacements/extras of the stock cranks as Qu-Ax ISIS light aluminum and are only $24 . Less than the ones that come on that uni & stronger.

A uni w/ a splined hub may be overkill for riding around town, but those unis would not be good for 4X4 trails and would break on them (unless they are relatively smooth fire roads and double-track).

E-mail them and they might be able to fix you up with USPS priority shipping;)

heeeeeyyyy wait a minute… I just realized that whenever I say something that’s the slightest bit off you’re there. Thank you for that.

Neither. I just don’t know any better. That’s why I asked.:slight_smile:

Actually, they aren’t that expensive compared to most cars. The check I wrote for that was less than 13 grand. But after spending that much, it’s going to take awhile to build my account back up. I need to keep costs down but still get something good if possible.

Okay. It seems that the consensus is that I should get a 24 for what I want to do. Decisions, decisions. But thanks for the advice all who pitched in.