Which uni to buy for street/freestyle???

I’m new to the uni…I have only been riding about 6 months. I have really got interested in street/freestyle riding. I would like to have everybodys opinion on which uni they would buy? I don’t know if my weight and height has anything to do with, which one to buy.

  1. Lets say I have a $500.00 budget.
  2. I’m 190 lbs and 5’8".
  3. I want at least a 24" or bigger.
  4. Which size seat post to buy?

All your help would be great thanks… Chuck:)

if your into street and freestyle you probally would want a 20" instead of a 24". If your doing street you need a semi-thick seat post, probally a 25.4mm. with out going full custom, the kh 20 would be a good idea.


Why would I want a 20" over a 24"? Does it have to do with, jump and landing on things? What length seat post would I need? Thanks Chuck

the 24 is a much larger uni and much heavier. A 20 inch helps by being smaller because you have more room to move around on it. It is almost like doing skateboard tricks on a long board. Sure you can do them and some people prefer them but its not as easy. Actualy a better way of looking at it would be comparing it to urban freeride biking to BMXing. BMXes are much more nimble bikes and therefore many people prefer them but now people are starting to do the same things on full sized mountain bikes.

It is really more about preferance, but for the most part a 20 inch wheel is recomended for street/freestyle just as a 20 inch is recomended for bmx.

If you do get a KH 20 (which you should if your on a $500 ill assume USD budget) dont worry about seat post length cause it comes only with a 300mm seatpost and if it is to high just cut it down.

Thanks for all the info. Yes that would be USD… Should I worry about cranks? If so what length? What about peddels? What kind of seat? Thanks again

I’d say stick with the 137’s that come stock on it. the seat’s very good, for pedals, you might want to buy some of the twisted oddysey plastics.

Im gonna have to disagree with miles. For street and freestyle you would probably want 125’s. This is make your riding more flowy for freestyle and street which is what you want. Also, once you start doing flips and stuff, shorter cranks are easier to flip.

You want a 20" because they are easier to control and you dont need a 24" unless your doing muni or distance the extra size just adds weight.

If you are willing to spend $500 USD go with the KH 20" 2007 stock its pretty much the best uni in my opinion for under 500. Go with the 137mm cranks because you will need the extra control for street riding and if you ever do any trials it should work as well. The pedals that come with it work fine otherwise id get the Jim Cs because you can take your feet off for street tricks easily. You can cut the seatpost with a pipe cutter. For street you want the post to be pretty short but for freestyle you want it to be tall so you will need to decide when you get it.

I think the 137s will work fine. My friend has 145s and he is great at street. Also Brian Lundgren has the 145s and hes pretty good as hes in defect. Shaun also has 140s and hes incredible.

Wait now, it depends. Do you want to get into drops, jumping, tricks off drops, stuff like that, or do you want to do more of flatland street freestyle kinda thing?

You’ll have to decide if you want a wide trials tire (bouncy, absorbs drops and such) or a skinnier BMX type tire (lighter, more nimble, but not as good for drops and hopping)

Well as I hope to get better…with time. I would like to do drop, jumps and some stuff like that. I also like the street stuff to. I was thinking of the wider bigger tire, just to have more of a bounce and a little softer ride. Thanks all for your advice.