Which uni takes the 700c tire?

Since 700c seems to be the standard for road bicycles, I thought that I should go for a uni that accommodates this also. When I visit UDC though, it seems that the closest sizes they offer for non-muni are 26" and 28". They offer a 27.5" in the muni category but, that’s not the type of riding that I plan to do with a road-centric tire. If there are any other uni-specialty retailers on the east coast of USA, I’d also like to know their name(s).

Bike tire sizing can be confusing. The important things are the bead seat diameter (BSD) and the tire width.

700C has a 622 mm BSD. This is the same as unicycles advertised as 28" and 29". You can check this by looking at the ISO size. It will be 622 - xx, where 622 is the BSD in mm, and the xx is the tire width in mm.

If the tire is skinnier that the rim is wide it generally won’t work very well or at all. My preference is to have the tire between 1.5x to 2x as wide as the inner dimension of the rim.

For way too much information on tire sizing check out Sheldon Brown’s excellent site for unicycles you can ignore his bit on tire width considerations

Thanks, Saskatchewanian, for the very helpful answer to my question. Tire sizes sure are confusing. The 700c figure doesn’t seem very useful to me. I think I will limit my conversational use to just the BSD and width (622-xx etc) from now on. I will take your tire:rim matching method into consideration, as well as utilize Sheldon Brown’s.