which uni should i get

i have been riding for about a year right now i have a 24 inch nimbus off road cycle and i was looking to get a trials cycle. should i wait a month or two to save up for the 2005 Kris Holm or get the nimbus hoppely now.

I would get the Hoppley to be honest. I ride a setup that is almost identicle to the Hoppley and and its never given me any troubles. Ive done mulitple 3 -5 ft drops on it and its taken all the beating that my 230lb frame has given it. Its an awsome deal!

thanks that really helps, but do you think the Kris Holm one would be worth the wait?

Do a search on these forums for “KH Cranks” or “Kris Holm Cranks”. I have heard many stories of these cranks being quite weak. But Please dont take my word for it…Do the reasearch and make an informed descision…Dont base your desicion on faulty badly based rumours.

i dont see any thing about that

I bent my KH cranks in 2 days, the frame etc is pretty good, I heard there’s new cranks coming though. What about Koxx or Qu-Ax, they’re good brands.

what kind of drop where you doin when you bent them

what about a kh uni with torker dx cranks? would that work for me

I think the best set up would be KH frame and a new koxx wheelset.