which uni should i buy?

hello everyone
i have been riding a uni for a few months now
i can ride fine, get on, idle, bunny hop, etc.
i did a little Muni ing in moab, utah.
anyways i need a new uni
im looking for something in the $150-200 range
a need something more sturdy than the basic little $80 ones
i would like a muni or cross or soemthing like it
at least something w/ a handle :slight_smile:
any suggestions?
another slight problem is i will be buying it while i am in germany
if anyone is familiar with what i can buy in germany that would be great
if not ill head over to the german forum
also does anybody make like cup holders for unis? that would be cool :smiley:
anyhow thanx a lot!!!
-Einrad Traum-

ps. einrad traum means unicycle dream- an awsome ET shirt i have w/ elliot riding a uni into the moon instead of the bike :slight_smile:

Re: which uni should i buy?

Post this in RSU or the German forum for more replies


get the nimbus muni, for sure :slight_smile:



torker unistar

Get the Torker Unistar LX 24-inch or 20-inch. Its a great uni! I have abused mine and it is in perfect condition. It has a handle, comes with a stand, and its light weight. I would recomend getting better pedals for it because the plastic ones it comes with wont last long for municycling or freestyle. Overall its a Great uni for the price! You will end up spending less than or about $150 if you upgrade the pedals and tire.