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I’ve been looking at a lot of uni’s lately, and I’m ready to upgrade from my 20" learner.
The ones I’ve been looking at from UDC are: 24" or 26" Torker Unistar LX and 24" or 26" Nimbus MUni. I plan to do some MUni, nothing too hardcore, probably fire roads and some single track.
I’d also like to commute the 8 miles to work and back. As I see it, the Nimbus has a double walled rim, which should be bomber for what I plan to do. I’m thinking a 26" wheel will be better for distance, without going up to the larger wheel diameters. Any other set ups I should consider?


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chrome wrote:
> Any other set ups I should consider?

With the stock seat, the LX is a serious Eunuchcycle. I’d budget in
the cost of a KH Freeride saddle & new seat post with that Torker LX.
Some people actually like the LX saddle. I didn’t.

Seems like you don’t want to do somewhat technical trails, that lay more on the cross country side.

Not pure technical muni, but not pure cross country riding either.

I would go for the 26".

You can still go over the technical sections and keep your maneuverability, but form the tire size, you’ll be able to still cruise around at a decent speed. Specially with some shorter cranks.

If you do plan to ever start doing more rugged riding, with more drops and technical lines, you will want to get a splined hub and crankset.

Luckily, if you get either the Nimbus 24 or 26 uni, can just upgrade the hub and cranks easier than upgrading one into a Torker.

Great! Thanks for the input, I think I’ll go with the 26" Nimbus. What crank length would you suggest? The stock cranks on both unis are 170mm.

170s would be good. you could always also buy some 165s or 160s.

I find the Nimbus 26" muni to be an excellent all-round machine. I use mine mostly for longish fast muni rides, commuting (9 miles each way cross-country) and some xc racing (where most people would use a 29er). The hub has proved plenty strong enough for my riding, which although not hardcore cliff-diving stuff does get pretty rocky. The only thing I’ve broken in just over two years is the strengthener plate in a KH saddle.
Crank length is a pretty personal thing, but I prefer 150s over the original 165s for general riding - makes it a bit easier to keep up a good speed. My commute takes me 50 minutes, including a few very steep hills and some quite rough sections. A 29er with a lighter tyre would be fine on that route, but I like the lower-pressure 3" tyre on the rockier sections. It’s as fast as a 29er on all but the smoother steep climbs, where the extra weight of the 3" tyre is more noticeable. In fact personally I find it easier to sustain a high speed on the flat with the heavier tyre smoothing things out and feeling less twitchy.
For the type of riding you’re planning on doing I’d say it would be a good choice.


rob.northcott said “…I use mine mostly for longish fast muni rides, commuting (9 miles each way cross-country)…My commute takes me 50 minutes, including a few very steep hills and some quite rough sections…”

You’re saying you can average over 10mph cross-country with some steep hills and rough trail on a 26" muni :wink: ? You are amazing! That is almost coker fast! I thought I was doing good averaging 8-8 1/2 mph on fairly flat road on my 26x3 muni yuni! I guess I better work harder!

lol if u cant go up hills fast around dartmoor then u are screwed lol… you learn pretty quick living round devon LOL. I go to modbury from ivybridge which is like 5-6 miles and that is way harder than the 14 mile bath to bristol ride i did LOL

It seems that on my 20" learner I’m at the same pace, or slighly faster than, people who race-walk or jog. I ride on a pedestrian path adjacent to a track . The 26" Muni I’m considering should be a good all around cruiser… :sunglasses:

Yes, but that’s my time going into work. I live on top of the moor and work on the edge, so the steep bits are mostly downhill in that direction. It takes me a few minutes longer coming back.

I do have a habit of riding everywhere flat-out though…


Did you consider the KH29 ? I am riding muni and trails with my KH29 and love it, If you get up near Sacramento you are welcome to try it
The speed of the 29 is very nice too