which uni i own?

hi everybody, can somebody help me to discover what kind of uni i own?
here are some photos

is there a review of this model?
it’ s very heavy it is a good or bad thing?
thank you very much


It looks like a generic unicycle…unless someone else can identify it. A heavy unicycle is a bad thing, but that doesn’t look that heavy compared to munis and trials unicycles.

a crappy disgusting unicycle?

( it was a joke so dont give me some bad rep )

seriously I dont know

it is about 6 Kg all included :slight_smile:
and can you give some hopinion judging from the photos?

i’m tring to lean with this so i woluld like to know if something (like idling…) seem hard because of the uni or just need more time to learn

I learned basic freestyle stuff like idoling, one-foot riding, ect. on a unicycle like that so you should be fine using it to start off. I don’t know what kind it is.

damn i though bullx was bryan stevens

sorry cant help

useless post

thank you for your help
if somebody else has a uni like this and would share some opinion i’m interested.

looks like a sun 20" to me! http://www.unicycle.com/Shopping/shopexd.asp?id=649

and no, learning something such as idling shouldn’t be much more difficult with your unicycle compared to others, ride it until its dead then upgrade so you dont ruin a new one while you learn.

You’re all wrong. Looks like vintage 1983 half dx’d monospurred adrenaline vulcan. Whered you get that at. I’ll trade it for my junglerumping 1998 turnabout switchside. Its even got the 62’ frames.

that’s not a sun saddle, and the tire doesn’t quite look like the sun tire but we might as well call it a sun uni if that would give you some closure.

i have a 24" that looks the same. I think its a sun

so it’s a sun?
i will lock for some information about sun’s unicycles.
thank you

if the seat feels like it is designed to hurt after a while its prob a sun :stuck_out_tongue:

dude… i dont know what it is… but defiantely no sun


just a generic uni

It’s just a generic Taiwan made unicycle. It’s very similar to an older Sun, and about a half dozen other names all of which take the same basic unicycle and put different stickers/tires/seats on them.

This uni is perfect for riding and learning (because it’s in-expensive). Once you start jumping and dropping it will start to fall apart, and then you’ll want something different. Until you reach that point it’s perfectly usable.

i cant help you but that is a nice seat

looks like mine. but i aint got a white band around the wheel. seats cause major JWS

looks like my first uni. Probably an ammaco or something. I learnt perfectly well on it. but i murdered it when i was learning to drop off of things!

to me it looks like my sun unicycle that i got a while ago, except mine is blue, your is chrome, but yours doesnt have a sticker saying sun or the brand, and mine fell off lol, so they look familiar

I can tell that you want an honest opinion of your unicycle. Here it is:

It is a generic Tiwanese unicycle that is mass produced and sold in bike shops everywhere. It is for learning and that is about it. It contains cheaply made components and is not built for quality at all. It is a novelty beginner unicycle.

Sorry it that sounded harsh, but like I always do, I know you wanted the truth.