Which Trials?

My 16 yr old has been unicycling for about 3 years. He’s used the same Torker 24" (I forget the model, but it’s not the cheapest one…it’s red if that helps) the whole time. He also has a giraffe he got at some garage sale. Anyway, he’s pretty good at this stuff, and has been in a bunch of shows and parades, etc. He’s destroyed the wheel a few times on his Torker doing all the cool tricks, etc. His b-day is coming up and I’d like to get him a true Trials uni that he can do all the jumps and tricks with. I keep seeing this Nimbus Oreo 20" online for about $320…also a Torker DX for less money. Is it wise to get the Nimbus one? Are they both very similar? Are either going to be a pile of junk after a week of jumping pff park benches and the like? He’s about 5’10", 160 lbs if that matters. Thanks for any help…I’m not a rider myself but have learned alot just from the hour or so of reading all the forums here. Thanks.

I’d say get the nimbus over the torker every time. It isn’t that much more money and it is lighter, and overall better made. It is unlikely to break without an impressive amount of force. It has a nicer saddle and a better resale value over the torker. Nimbus makes good unicycles, you’re unlikely to go wrong buying one.

Don’t get the Torker, you will end up getting a nicer one later if you do. My friend has the Nimbus, it is pretty nice but there are a few things which I don’t like about it. The frame, which I have is fine, but the crown is a bad design, there is not a large platform to put your foot on if you are doing one foot and the like, a unicycle with a straight crown such as a KH would be nicer. Also if you don’t care about gliding and one foot tricks a rounded crown like a Impact gravity would save his knees. Also the tire is quite bad, still it is better than a normal 20" tire. It is mostly little things that could be improved, but it has great value. It has metal spikes on the pedals which could be a good thing or a bad thing. The Nimbus is quite a deal for what your getting though, so unless you think it is worth it to spend double the money on your son’s present, I would just stick with the Nimbus.

Sounds like he did pretty well with his current Torker, as well. Once he gets a new Trials, there will be less of an upgrade path for a stronger wheel. In other words, he will have to learn to take care of his new wheel. That means, probably needing to do rebuilds in the future, and in the shorter term, learning to keep the spokes tensioned and the wheel true. A properly-adjusted wheel is a strong wheel. Even a properly-adjusted wheel of inferior parts will be stronger than a high-end wheel that’s out-of-true and has lots of loose spokes.

I would get the Nimbus, which is what I have.

Thanks for the replies…ordered the Nimbus this morning. They’re pretty cool looking…wish I knew how to ride!

Stop wishing and learn :slight_smile: