Which trials uni

ok ive gonna get a trials in a week becuase if i ride my torker lx like i do now itll be dead in a couple of weeks so i was wondering should i get the torker dx or get the kris holm 07 and i know im gonna get serious with trials


how long would a kh07 last me

lets put it this way, u may brake sumthin like an arm or leg before you break anything on a KH. You will be very happy with it and have no regrets about gettin it. You would have to purposelly wanna break it and try to break it if you were goin too. so dont count on breakin it cus it wont happen!!

The 2007 Kris Holm is arguably the strongest stock trials unicycle in production.

Get the torker DX.

are you kidding me?

why would you get the DX. IF he knows he wants to go big. Unless you dont have enough money to buy the KH theres no reason not to.

i have a DX. the only reason being…$$$$$$

I am thinking if he gets the dx he will have money to get a muni soon also. But since his dad is willing to buy his new uni he should get the kh.