Which to buy 36er or 29er ?

Hi there

I’m a beginner on these unicycling thingies:)

I got my 20 inch some weeks ago, but have been practicing everyday 1-3 hours a day, and so I manage to ride pretty solidly, although I can’t do any tricks yet.

So my question is:

I ride my bicycle everyday to college and work on the city of Lisboa in Portugal. I catch the train from the suburbs and then I use my bike to travel inside the city. I’ve been riding for almost 2 years now and I love it. But sometimes at some schedules, the Train company doesn’t allow me to transport it on the train, so I’m stuck to the subway again. The unicycle would solve this problem, because it’s smaller and doesn’t bother people on the train.

I’m very inclined on buying a 29er, because it is a lot cheaper, lighter and smaller than a 36er (the size of the 36er could be a problem on the train) but I don’t know if the 29er will give me the speed I need to get to places on a reasonable time.

I’m inclined on buying this 29er, what do you guys think?


Thank you, and sorry for the long text! :astonished:

Welcome to the forum rui! May your days be forever filled with the one wheel!

Lookity here buddy.

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For your particular situation, I would say the 29er would suit you better. The 36er would take up a lot more space on the train, and they would be less inclined to let you on with it.

This discussion has been had many times in this forum.

To summarise:

  • Nothing else is like a Coker (although the introduction of geared hubs has changed that argument a bit)
  • 29ers are more versatile.
  • 29ers are safer in crowds.
  • 29ers are more portable, and easier to store. [LIST]
  • 29ers have a wider range of tyres and tubes.
  • But nothing else is like a Coker. [/LIST]

    I used to have the complete set: 20, 24, 26, 28 and 36 (28 is as near as dammit 29) and I found that the Coker, although great fun to ride, wasn’t paying its way in terms of storage space.

    My longest ever ride (about 55 miles) was on the 28.

    If I could only have one unicycle ever, it would probably be a 29er - although for historical reasons, that is the only size I’ve never owned. I’ve had 28s instead.

  • Hi , I’d say get a 29er for your purposes, it will feel very big and fast compared to the 20" you have been riding until now. Maybe it will get you ready for a 36" after some time because “nothing else is like a coker”… Everything else has already been said about it, I think.
    Have fun!

    I would agree, a 29er is the way to go for your case. You can always upgrade to a geared hub, and be faster. But that is a case of how deep your pockets go. I have a 29er, used to have a 36er. I can say I have way more fun on my 29er than I did on my 36er.

    Hello Rui,

    I´m also from Portugal and I live in Lisbon. Thats good to know that you are another unicyclist in this country. I need to know people like you. I own a 29", a 24" and a 20". Speeds are 4-5 kmh for 20", 7-9 kmh for 24" and 10-15kmh for 29". I will sugest you 29". I ride in Monsanto and Expo. If you want to try the 29" just send me a message . Meanwhile just look this video http://br.youtube.com/watch?v=HefOC-O_Aew made in Monsanto.

    Mario Silva

    Get the 29. I own a 29 and I just got a 36, but will ride the 29 for my daily commute.

    You can’t really compare the two. To me, the 36 is a distance/road cycle.

    The 29 is a very versatile size. And less expensive…tom


    Just a quick question…I might get a 29 later on when I can ride better but was thinking about the Coker…My question is…I am 5’4" with an inseam of 27" is the Coker to big for me? I was thinking about the distance from the seat to when the pedal is all the way down? Also what is the price and the best place to get a 29 and a Coker? Cheers…Keithmj :smiley:


    Thank for all your answers they were really helpfull. I’ll go for a 29er when I’ve the money to buy it.

    Mario! It’s great there’s more people unicycling in Portugal! I’d love to acompany you and your fellows on your next unicycling hike! :slight_smile: I’m a beginner with a 20inch so you’ll probably have to wait a lot for me, but I’d love to ride with you guys anyway.

    Your video is awsome! Hehe! For what I can see Sofia has the uni I’ve been looking at to buy, that’s great! :slight_smile:

    I’ll send you a PM so we can get in touch.

    Hugs to everyone, and thank you very very much! :smiley: