Which tire?

OK, I’m looking to get a new tire for my 29er. I’m torn between the Kenda Claw (29 x 1.95) and the Kenda Nevegal (29 X 2.20). I know alot of you have tried the Claw and like it. Has anyone tried the Nevegal? If so, what do you think? Either way, I’m getting something that has some tread on it. Thanks in advanced for the input.

Sorry, the only Kenda tire I’ve tried is the one that came stock with my 2006 KH29–I’m not sure the model name, but I realized how bad it was once I switched to a WTB Exiwolf. I, and several others here, really like our Exiwolfs, but they have relatively small knobbies. If you want something more rugged and you don’t mind the weight, maybe try a WTB Stout.

Whatever you pick, make sure it doesn’t have super thin sidewalls.

I had the kenda klaw XT on my 29er for a while, it was ok but had to be pumped up hard to prvent it from bottoming out because it was quie low volume and has very thin walls. this ment that you could feel every little bump.

Not long ago I switched to the WTB stout which is much better. There almost uncomparable. The stout is far more grippy in loose and soft ground and the ride is much much smoother and cusioned. Its got much thicker side walls and is quite a bit wider and much higher volume. I am able to run it at a lower pressure with out hitting the rim and it just rides over evrything like its not there. I think it is quite a bit heavier than the kenda klaw but Im used to it already and have no problems. I definatly recomend it, especialy over the Klaw.

Cool, weight isn’t an issue for me. I, myself, am well over 200 lbs (about 17 stones for you brits). I will look into the other brands listed here and see what catches my eye. I will mainly use it for street riding with off-road when I find it.

Charleston also has cobble stone streets. They are a pain to ride down. I figure something with a little more agressive tread will help me ride down the street. A big apple just doesn’t have what i’m looking for for this endeavour.

Just saw the stout, I think I’m in love. Gonna get one of those suckers as soon as I can!!

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but wanted to comment. I’ve been on an Exiwolf for probably about a year now. I chose it because I didn’t like how the Nevegal I’d been running only wanted to go in a straight line on the road. But I have a race this weekend that may be muddy, and the Exi has almost no knobs, so I put the Nevegal back on. It’s a little heavier (though nowhere near the Stout’s weight), but man does it track nicely. The Exi suffers big time from road creep (or whatever that thing is where it’s a huge pain to ride on roads with crowns). I’d been putting up with riding with a nasty twist in my body that just disappeared when I put the Nevegal on. I won’t be going back.