Which tire would suit me best ?


I’ve had a 24" KH for a few months with a Kenda off-road tire 2.60.
I switched for a road tire (Twin rail 2.20) as I mostly ride in the city.
The feeling is quite awesome, but I have some balance issue with this tire.

I think it’s because this tire is thinner. When I start to lean, voluntarily or not, it’s harder for me to recover and it’s quite frustrating.

It also lacks a bit of “bouncing”.

So I thought I could find something in between. I’d also like to occasionally ride on some trails if possible, nothing too hard.
Someone told me a big apple 2.35 could suit me but there aren’t 242.35, only 242.15 which is thinner than my actual road tire.
So I was told that I could look at the hookworm 24*2.5 or a crazy bob 2.35.

Thing is, I don’t know anything about tires so I have a hard time to chose the good one. Any advice ?

I’m still happy with my 24" CST Cyclops. It’s basically a Hookworm with a lower price and slightly different tread. (CST and Maxxis are both Cheng Shin Tire brands.) Like a Hookworm, it’s fine on trails as long as it isn’t muddy or loose sand where lugs really matter.

I really like the 24" maxxis hookworm if your focus is mainly road with a little trail play. It’s a nice tire because it’s basically a slick but it has enough volume to be bouncy if you lower the pressure.

Tyres which are supposedly suited to both tarmac and off road are usually not very good for either. Personally I would recommend you by another uni for on the road. Get a bigger wheel.

My second hand KH 26 came with a Hookworm. It left me wondering why anyone recommends them for unicycles. It is very heavy tyre and extremely susceptible to camber. It also slid on wet concrete the only time I rode it before I replaced it with a Maxxis DTH.

However I do have a hookworm on my 20 where it doesn’t seem to have these problems so they might be OK on a 24.

I use a Maxxis 24 x 1.75 DTH on my Torker LX 24. The is on a 30 mm (outside) rim. I think this tyre would be too narrow on the wider KH rim but there is a 2.2 available.

The DTH is a very light tyre making the uni extremely responsive. It has low susceptibility to camber and excellent traction on hard surfaces. The 1.75 is not suited to off road but the wider size might be OK. It is designed to run on hard pack.

The sidewalls are quite thin so they are not suited to riding on sharp rocks.

Some sizes are available with a foldable bead making them even lighter as well as convenient to carry as a spare.

Thanks you for your replies.
I should add that I intend to learn how to hop ; small hops, like jumping from the road to a sideway. Could the hookworm weight could be an issue compared the the cst cyclops ?

OneTrackMind ; I like my 24" to ride on the street, I won’t be confident enough with a bigger wheel (I have tried).

What do you mean by “susceptible to camber” ? Especially the word camber, I’m not fluent in english. :slight_smile:

Camber is the sideways slope built into roads so that water should run off to the side instead of sitting in puddles. On a unicycle it makes the wheel want to run down the slope, and the rider has to twist their body up the slope to keep going straight. I found the 24x2.5 hookworm really bad for this, I actually found the stock 3" Duro better on my nimbus 2 24" muni. However, if the camber is not too bad I like the hookworm, and I think the extra weight is mainly in the sidewalls so it’s good for hopping as there’s less fold over (when a lighter/thinner tyre literally folds to one side under force).

I meant to say also, I liked the 24x2.4" maxxis holy roller. I thought it was a good comprise between weight, rolling resistance, grip and toughness.

I also like the Holy Roller for combined street/muni riding. It’s not excellent for either, but it’s not bad for both.