Which splined hub will fit a 26" Nimbus II frame?

I seem to remember that the Torker DX wheel set will fit the Nimbus II?

1.) Can I just order a 48h splined hub and cranks from Torker, and get a 26" 48h double walled rim and have a LBS build it up?

2.) I want to have a 26" wheel, so I’m wondering which hubs will fit the bearing holders, either 36h or 48h.

3.) Any suggestions for a strong rim?

I might even build the wheel myself if I can’t find a 26" splined wheel set. How about Qu-AX and others?


profiles will

  1. yes, i don’t see why not, it fits in the other nimbus 2 frames
    2)yes(i know)
    3)an alex doublewall should work sexifully

I have a Koxx One hub in my 26" Nimbus II frame. The bearings fit snug, but it’s not a problem. I built the wheel with a Mavic D521 rim and am using a 26x2.4 Holly Roller tire. The D521 is fairly narrow so I wouldn’t put anything wider than a 2.5 on it. It looks good though and is light and plenty strong for the XC riding I use it for. I also like the fact that I can swap the 110 cranks from my 20" when I want a little more speed.


Any hub/axle with a 19mm or 20mm OD can be adapted with the proper bearings.