Which size would be best?

I have a question. I am about 5’8 and I have a 16" unicycle that I can ride quite well on. Frontwards and backwards and can do some tricks.

But I am wanting to get a newer one because it’s kinda a kids one. (actually it is). So… my question is which size is best for doing tricks on? Like gliding and wheel walking? I have tried wheel walking on my little 16" but it seems like the tire is to small. Maybe i’m wrong. Anyhow, which size is best for gliding and wheel walking and doing tricks and stuff?

I mostly want it for concrete riding. Like doing grinds, jumps, glides, etc… Also, do you all think I could handle the Big One? (Coker?) i’ve been wanting one after reading those posts. thanks.

Re: Which size would be best?

For freestyle, a 20" wheel is the best wheel size to get… You’ll also want to get a frame that has a square crown (the part of the frame where it splits above the wheel) so that your feet will be able to easily rest on it. Some unis that fit that are: Miyata Standard, Semcycle XL and XLW, Bedford, Torker, custom Wyganowski, and some others.

Considering what you describe as wanting to do on your new uni, I would skip the Big One (I still prefer big boy) for now and go with one of the flat crowned 20" unicycles.